Pack of 5 Gold magi:bobbles from the Natural Collection.

NEW Magi:bobble Gold is a revolutionary new way to style your hair. 

The clever, quirky hair bobble is designed to make putting your hair in a ponytail or bun quick, easy and hassle free.

Unlike traditional hair bobbles, Magi:bobble Gold has been cleverly designed to avoid dragging your hair strands away from your scalp. Magi:bobble Gold reduces the amount of tension on the head that other bobbles can often cause from being tied too tightly.

Preventing the amount of split ends within the hair, Magi:bobble Gold doesn’t cause kinks and holds your hair neatly and securely, whether you decide to wear it in a ponytail or in a bun.

The hygienic, water resistant, soft “telephone wire” like material is designed to hold your hair in a ponytail or bun without pulling or snagging it, making Magi:bobble Gold really comfortable to wear all day long... and even at night when you sleep!

Magi:bobble Gold simply wraps round the hair twice to hold up your ponytail or bun with ease. For those of us with thicker hair, we know that after a while the elastic in our bobbles either snaps or wears away, thanks to Magi:bobble Gold's durable material, snapping bobbles is a thing of the past! Magi:bobble Gold comes in a sumptuos Gold colour making it a must have, fun fashion accessory!

Try Magi:bobble Gold today and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without this hair accessory in your life.

10 great reasons to choose magi:bobble; 
• Prevents split ends
• Prevents hair breakage
• Water resistant
• Golduces tension on scalp
• Grips hair firmly
• Easy clean
• Hygienic
• Perfect for all hair types
• Wear in your hair or as a fashion accessory

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